NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission

NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission – The National Engineering and Science Commission is a Pakistani association that works to define and provide guidelines for the engineering sector in Pakistan. Pakistan National Engineering and Science Commission Nescom Jobs is a Pakistani association that works to define and provide guidelines for the engineering sector in Pakistan. The commission was established in 1962 and its main ideal is to cover the wealth of workers and promote the development of their efforts through education, research and the provision of model design standards. The organization acts to provide non-regulatory support to help and provide advice and guidance on synthetic investment and competition. This commission has also played an important role in the development of engineering sector in Pakistan.

National Engineering and Science Commission of Pakistan is one of the prominent councils of Pakistan. Their aim is engineering and scientific research and development for social, profitable and artistic development of Pakistan. This committee works with companies to achieve their goals. Pakistan’s National Engineering and Science Commission is an example of a successful forum that is suitable for high-impact negotiations.

The Pakistan National Engineering and Science Commission (NESCOM) is a Pakistan-focused government agency tasked with handling all engineering research and micro-exploration in Pakistan. Since its inception in 2010, NESCOM has gone from conducting enlightened scientific research to producing some amazing inventions made in Pakistan, such as artificial flushing arrangements aimed at countering the effects of the Indus River. Development of river basins. NESCOM Jobs, which is responsible for providing Pakistan with a world-class understanding of efficient and smart engineering, is now working on a project that will allow Pakistan to benefit from its discovery and savings that are characterized by smart and efficient engineering. to bring to all. And is committed to doing more. More than 100 tests.

The beneficial development and growth of a country is the product of many factors. Our country has undergone many changes in the last 70 years, one of the reasons for which was the benefit of the National Engineering and Science Committee of Pakistan. Pakistan’s National Engineering and Science Commission has worldwide wisdom and technology, especially in the field of advanced education and scientific exploration institutions.

They have been involved in several major systems. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission was established in 1947, Pakistan Science Foundation in 1962, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research in 1972 and Pakistan Science and Technology Council in 1976. In 1365 Shura was established, in 1377 Quaid-e-Azam University was established and National University was established.

Pakistan is a country that tries to promote economy, and they do this by promoting tourism. One stylish way to do this is to get people to work in engineering. The work of the National Engineering and Science Commission Nescom is an organization that designs islands, builds heads, builds roads and more.

However, if you have an engineering degree and are interested in immigrating to Pakistan, this is a great way to go. Pakistan’s bureaucracy is very delicate, but applying through the National Engineering and Science Commission may increase your chances of success. – Work of Nascom National Engineering and Science Commission in Pakistan – Savings in Pakistan – General Engineering and Science Commission.

Where in Pakistan every brainchild dreams of finding a job? But if you are an engineering graduate and trying to live your dreams, don’t worry. Nescom Jobs will solve all your worries. The financial security you once envisioned will soon be within your reach. Just say goodbye to the old pointless work that works day and night and is fruitless in return. It also seems like all the effort and creativity is gone.

However, with NESCOM, you can finally increase your power and put your creativity to good use. The company is looking for fighters who can perform under pressure and perform the tasks given to them. Working at Nescom means that you can finally succeed in your field of interest thanks to the working conditions set by the company. Most of the time there are trained professionals who are ready to be trained on the work done in another field who have recently been hired. Nescom job openings are always on a first-come, first-served basis and there are a large number of applicants. So, if you want to maximize your chances of getting hired in this prestigious government company, you need to act fast. We will help you clear your doubts. Please read the information below.

After reading all the words below about NESCOM and its rewards, you must have decided to apply by then. You should know that for all jobs in NESCOM, there are certain conditions that must be met. Otherwise, the selected authority will reject on the first basis. Nescom jobs are coming every time, so when these vacancies open, you need to be ready for your operation. You will miss the chance.

The entire process of submitting the operation is done online. You will be asked to enter certain details and submit your educational records. Once you have filled out and submitted all of these items, the selection committee will review the information. If you are one of the shortlisted campaigners, prepare for the interview as well. After the written test, an interview is also conducted to check the personality and academic ability of the applicant. But if you clear all these hurdles, Famicom will definitely hire you. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, click the “Apply Online” button below to visit our licensed website.

NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission List

  • Assistant Managers
  • Medical Officers
  • Junior Assistants
  • General Managers
  • Special Vehicle Operator
  • Junior Chargeman
  • Managers
  • Scientific Assistant
  • Computer Operator
  • Caretaker
  • Driver
NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission
NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission

NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission Details

Jobs LocationAll Pakistan
Published Date20-02-2023
NewspaperThe News
OrganizationNational Engineering & Scientific Commission
EducationMatric, Masters
Job TypeFull Time

About National Engineering And Scientific Commission

The National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM) is a research organization governed under the military jurisdiction. Formed in 2000, the organization deals will all kinds of researches and methodologies in the various fields of engineering. By field means aerodynamics, information technology, fluid dynamics, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. With its headquarters in the capital city of Islamabad, the motives of NESCOM is to govern and devise methods for defense purposes. It also regulates development programs for the Air Weapons Complex and the National Defense Complex.

Apart from this, all kinds of manufacturing designs regarding aerodynamic vehicles and communication systems for Pakistan’s military forces is done at NESCOM. The authority of carrying all these objectives comes under the Strategic Plans Division of the National Command Authority of Pakistan. As of now, there are more than 16,000 employees working at NESCOM. Constantly giving in their hard work, these employees tend to make ballistic nuclear missiles proficient. The company also holds the responsibility of exporting missiles to other countries. Countries including states of South-East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Salary And Benefits

NESCOM Jobs brings many good perspectives with them. There is no doubt about the fact that the organization functions due to the hard work of its employees. At NESCOM every employee is noticed for his own efforts and endurance. For each and every task done within time, NESCOM awards the concerned employee with bonuses and perks. The organization takes care of all the financial needs of its employees so that they can focus on their work. Every hired person guided towards professional development. For the company, it is the key element of their success in this rapidly progressing world. On the basis of feedback we got from currently working employees and ex-employees, below are some of the best perks and benefits that one can easily get by working at NESCOM.

  • Versatile working environment
  • Cooperative colleagues
  • Result-oriented environment
  • Exposure to different skills
  • Use of latest technology present in the field
  • Medical facilities for family
  • Pick and drop service
  • Secure job position
  • Competent Salary packages
  • Pension after retirement

Apply for NESCOM Jobs 2023 Latest National Engineering & Scientific Commission?


  1. Application form submission?
    Candidates can apply in both ways.
    First You can apply online via a web portal or send your documents and CV to the organization’s email address. Moreover, you can find more information on the nescom website.
    Therefore, Second Candidates can apply via mail. You can send your documents along with the application and attested photo.
  2. Can I get TA/DA in the nescom 2023?
    No, you do not get any TA/DA for the interview.
  3. How am I getting a call letter for the Test / Interview?
    The organization will be called to select candidates for interview
  4. Can I submit the application after the last date?
    After the closing date applications should not be entered.
  5. Can Private employees apply for this job?
    Yes, Private employees can apply through the proper channel.

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